My interests

My main areas of interest are human beings, nature, ecology, sustainability, the human mind, knowledge, exceptional performances, communication, organizations and leadership, artificial "minds", computers, webdesign, website usability, SEO, photography, art, music and health. Some of these areas are tightly related to my professions, some are things I spend time on during my spare time.

I love to write. Because of that I run several blogs about the topics above. This is also related to my profession as a researcher and writer of some textbooks, scientific articles as well as anthology chapters.

SEO happens to be important for my business but I have a personal interest in how it works and how it can be improved. There are some differences in how to think about SEO depending on the kind of web site you have. A blog doesn't work the same way as a webshop.

As a teenager I wanted to become a musician and a composer. Today I only listen to music but I do it with the passion that I genuinly have for it.

I am an art collector. I have some original oil paintings, some acrylic paintings, aquarelle paintings and some lithography/carborundum prints.

I can't help admiring really good athletes. It is typically athletes in individual sports like track & field and swimming. It is a combination of exceptional performance and the preparations to perform really well that impresses me the most. Therefore I like to look at bigger events to see these athletes excel.



These are my blog posts about my interests

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