The quiet life in the countryside

What is it like to live in Sweden during the corona pandemic? The answer depends on where in Sweden you live. In the big city regions people tend to stay inside as much as possible. In the countryside people get out now and then.

Today when the weather is nice and sunny lots of people in the countryside are outdoors. They are active in the garden tidying up or playing. It is likely to see the whole family doing things together.

In the big city regions the weather is just as nice and sunny but the streets are empty. This is especially visible in the three largest cities of Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Normally people are out on the streets shopping during the weekends in the capital of Sweden and in Gothenburg as well. The business is running low right now.

Malmö is known for its food culture and rather cheap hotels. People are not visiting restaurants at all. The hotels are almost empty.

This is not good for business and the economy in general. But everything is not negative. People are helping each other and they are doing it for free. Young people are offering the eldery to shop food and other necessary things for them.

After a grey winter we all need to get out in the sunlight. Instead many individuals keep on living a grey indoor life. Too bad. But, as I try to explain, there are some big hearted individuals in the big city regions that are outside to be able to help others and lots of people in the countryside that are outdoors just as any spring day previous years.

Those of us living in the coutryside get sunshine on our skins but we could also claim that some inviduals in the big city regions have sunshine in their hearts, speading the wormth to the ones that need it the most.


22 Mar 2020