Some basic advice to optimize your blog posts

What is optimal content for SEO? To begin with, why do we want to optimize anything? The answer is that you want to be visible on the first page when someone is searching for things that you are writing about.

When you want to optimize your blog post content, especially written content, there are several factors that could and should be considered. If we narrow it down to factors relevant for the search engine Google, these eight basic suggestions will give you a good start.


1. Write a blog post that is 1800 to 2000 words long

The optimal lenght is around 1870 words. Top ranking pages average on this level.

2. Write a completely original text

To copy someone elses text or have long quotes is to your disadvantage. Write your own text and be rewarded for it. It shows that you know your stuff and are a good writer.

3. A well-written text

A text should follow basic rules for written language standard and grammar. People that are a bit sloppy themselves don't bother if you write in a correct way but people who are good readers and writers are very picky and will be disturbed if you are sloppy. When your readers are satisfied they stay longer on your page and that is rewarded by Google.

4. Include your main keyword in the title (H1)

The title of your blog post should include the most central keyword of your content. That will increase the ranking of your page.

5. Stay on topic

When you signal that the blog post is about something specific, in your title, you should stay on topic during the whole text. The longer your text is about the same topic the more in-depth it is understood to be. That is a quality marker and gives your text authority.

6. Use LIX

LIX or readability index is an indicator of how easy your text is to read. There are several tools to use to find out the LIX grade of your text. The easier the text is to read the longer readers will stay on your page.

7. Use images or other media to increase interest

Images that help illustrate the content of your text are appreciated. Chose images of high quality to seem professional and don't use to heavy files, they will slow down loading speed (which is bad). Irrelevant images, for decorative use, can be disturbing since the reader might wonder how it is relevant to the nearby content.

8. Update your post to keep it relevant

Old well-visited pages are considered authoritative but as soon as they become outdated they are less relevant. Update your texts regularly to increase the relevance and activity on your site.

If you need help, feel free to contact me to discuss details.


16 Jul 2019