I have a PhD in Cognitive Science. I have a Master of Science in Pedagogy and a Bachelor in Human Ecology.

My doctoral thesis was about cognitive development and pretend play.

Since I got my PhD I have done some research about learning and even more about communication. The last years I have studied organisations and leadership.

I have experience of doing surveys, experimental studies, interviews and observations.


Research and education

During my employment at the University of Gothenburg I gave lectures in the program Master in Communication for ten years and the bachelor program in Cognitive Science for abaout eight years.

I was the course leader and main lecturer for the following courses in Communication:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Theories of Communication
  • Communication, Activity and Organization
  • Multimodal Communication
  • Strategic Communication and Leadership

I was the course leader and main lecturer for the following courses in Cognitive Science:

  • Multimodal Interaction
  • Social Cognition
  • Learning and Memory (shared responsibility)
  • Evolutionary Psychology (shared responsibility)

During my employment at the University of Borås I give lectures about Play and Learning, Knowledge and Learning, Learning Theories, Didactics, Classroom Communication, Communication Theory and Leadership Communication.


Research and theories

I have developed some models and theories based on my research.

My communication theory is called Touchpoint Management Theory. It is focusing on how and why we get in touch to share information, now when we have so many options.

My learning theory is called Theory of Intentional Learning. It is based on the idea that most learning is intentional, goal-driven, and leads to different acts (internal or external) that are meaningful and useful for the learner.

I have also developed a model on leadership. I call it the Leader Competence Model (in swedish). It builds on four components: (1) experience and know how of the field that you are leading, (2) communication competence, (3) relationship competence and mutual trust, and (4) relevant and clear visions and goals for the organization.

I am currently working on a multimodal theory of Play.


Research articles

Integrated Communication Systems

Touchpoint Management and Interpersonal Communication


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