Lustrous life

I have just started the online lifestyle magazine Lustrous life. There are several purposes.

First I haven't had a serious site in english before. This is my first bigger attempt.

Second, I wanted to make something bigger to fit our ongoing business development.

Third, it covers most of our interests and money-making areas.

Fourth, it is in line with our development outside of Sweden. We now have customers all over the world and therefore we want to share our knowledge and understanding on a new wider and more global platform.

The fifth reason to start a new site is to put our web design abilities at test and also to use more of our creativity. For SEO reasons we have designed most sites so far in a minimalistic or rather simple way. With Lustrous life we are focusing more on the potential of web design that we have held back on other sites.

The sixth and last reason is that we are going to use the new site in educational purposes. My colaborations with students that for any reason want to learn how to work as web designer or copy writer will have a real life arena to learn and train on.

I welcome everyone to take a look at our new project and give suggestions on how to make this site great in every way.

11 Oct 2020