I have written two theses, five books, many anthology chapters and several research articles. I have also edited four anthologies and written some popular science articles. Take a look at my publication list.

Right now I spend most of my time on blog posts. Besides this blog I have some other blogs that are active. These are a few examples:

State of Play

The Health Blog

Social Experiments

The Art Blog

Since I have a wide variety of interests my books, articles and blog posts span over many topics. In some cases I am an expert on the topic and in other cases I am a semi-expert. I also write for fun, not claiming any expertise to back it up.

After more than a decade as a writer I have developed a certain skill. It doesn't take much effort for me to write a long blog post. Everything I write today is SEO-adjusted. Because of that I write articles and blog posts for other companies and organizations.

I know content.



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